porch-viewI have been gardening for most of my adult life and I watched my mom garden in my formative years. I have been growing my soul for many years – it’s the work of our whole lives! And the longer I do both of these activities, the more I realize that there are strong parallels between soul work and garden work. So in this space I will explore how I am cultivating my soul, imperfectly, but hopefully. And how the beauty of flowers is a gift from the Creator – of the garden and the soul. The picture at the left is the view from my front porch, where I enjoy sitting and contemplating my garden and my soul.

Join me in practical applications of soul care and garden care. Go to the “This Week” page to see what I have planned in my own life.

Carla Foote 2019 headshot medium resI am Carla Foote. In addition to the garden and soul work that I share here, I am an editor and writer for a variety of clients. Visit my Fine Print Editorial professional page. You can contact me at carlacfoote (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for stopping by!