The day after the hail storm, the mums were reduced to just a few stalks. I wondered if they would recover for the late summer/fall bloom. Now, a month later, the damage to the mums isn’t even visible. Green leaves fill the healthy stalks, and tiny buds are forming. They are remarkably resilient. I hope for such resilience in my friends who are encountering storms.


There was a major hailstorm last night that wiped out my "field" of poppies. Today I tried to focus on clean up and next steps, yet I still feel the loss of this year's blooms. Maybe I can muster up some hope for the garden. I know I will treasure each bloom that opens over the next month or two, because it can all change in an instant due to circumstances out of my control. Which is true of much more than a garden.

Garden or Memorial?

Though I was a reluctant visitor to the OKC memorial, I was impressed with the way the park-like block was laid out to provide space to think and process, and to honor the victims. Today is the anniversary of the bombing, it's Good Friday and it's been a hard week in Denver. We need reflective spaces - physically and for our souls.